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Affect Academics is a full-service learning center in Freeport Maine

The traditional approach to learning isn’t for everyone. Some students struggle to learn in typical classroom settings. Rather than blame the student, Affect Academics prefers to change the system.  We teach students how to learn using the Universal Design for Learning.

Math help. Reading help. Study skills. SAT test preparation. The Affect Academics approach helps students in all of these areas. And unlike tutoring services, Affect Academics actively works with students not only to teach the content, but also to assess individual needs and provide the tools necessary so students can move beyond the need for tutoring.

Our comprehensive process includes an evaluation of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, their emotional connections to learning, and their study habits. We build on these strengths, help students develop confidence in their ability to learn, and teach them specific techniques to improve their success in school and beyond.

Who Benefits Most from Affect Academics?
  • Students who need an academic and emotional boost in school
  • Students who want to take charge of their learning
  • Parents and students worried about how their academic performance affects the future
  • Parents frustrated by trying to help their child without outside support
  • Parents who need help deciphering what they’ve been told and figuring out what’s going on with their child
Math HelpReading HelpSAT Prep
  • Early math interventions to improve school performance and prevent future problems
  • Content tutoring at all levels of math using developmentally appropriate methods
  • Training in coping skills for both academic and emotional challenges in math learning
  • Individualized education based on Universal Design for Learning
  • Growth mindset approach to create lifelong learners
  • Focus on strategic learning to develop higher-level thinking
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About a Free Initial Consult
  • Proven early reading interventions targeted to your child’s specific needs
  • Detailed progress monitoring
  • Research-based approach covers phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Growth mindset approach empowers students to take charge of their own reading progress
  • Therapeutic environment also ensures that children will begin to enjoy reading
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About a Free Initial Consult
  • Targeted review of material based on individual needs (no wasted time)
  • Proven success in raising test scores
  • Proven therapeutic techniques lessen test anxiety
  • Math review that solidifies an overall understanding of math
  • Development with the student of effective study schedules and habits
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About a Free Initial Consult

Who We Are

Founded in 2009, Affect Academics is led by Cristina Post, Ed.M.—an experienced teacher, adjunct professor, and the only certified Educational Therapist in the state of Maine.

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What We Do

Affect Academics embraces Universal Design for Learning, going beyond content-based tutoring to provide the tools and guidance students need for lifelong learning.

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